My art and stories feature robots, aliens, giants, quirky pink dragons, yet they are mostly about me and my personal experiences. Taking topics like true friendship, love, conflicts, and humanity's flaws, I reimagine them in a fun, or even goofy way. The power of creating something fun is what draws me to keep making comics. I write stories that put ordinary characters into extraordinary situations and watch them develop along the way.

I like to write stories that I enjoy reading and that my young daughters enjoy being read to them. My hope is that my work will be appealing to a variety of audiences. I have strong memories of my first time experiencing E.T. in the movie theater as a five year old, reading Calvin and Hobbes in elementary, and finding Miyazakiís Nausicaa manga in college. These are the stories and artists that persist as inspirations to me and that I try to emulate.

Iíve worked as a 3D animator for games, DVD, commercials, and TV. Iíve drawn over 500 illustrations for 3 years of classroom curriculum, and my latest comic adventure is 3 issues of my web comic A Giant Problem. Iím just getting started.

You are more than welcome to email me at my Gmail account or say hello on the social networking sites below.